“Black Americans’ Experiences with Science Information” is a project headed by three UW-Madison researchers (Lillie Williamson, Mike Xenos, and Todd Newman) and Ubuntu Research & Evaluation (Koren Dennison).

The project aims to explicitly examine the unique ways that science information is communicated and received within Black communities. Our hope is to engage in an ongoing dialogue with community that results in the promotion of better and more culturally responsive communication about science-related issues within Black communities.

Please check out the site and we hope to see you at an upcoming event!

If you have any questions about the study you may contact any member of the research team. If you are inquiring about joining a conversation or being removed from the email list, please contact Radaya or Koren.

  • Mike Xenos (xenos@wisc.edu)
  • Lillie Williamson (ldwilliamso2@wisc.edu)
  • Todd Newman (tpnewman@wisc.edu)
  • Koren Dennison (koren@ubunturesearch.com)


Photograph of research team.
Photograph of team members during Spring 2023 Meet & Greet (from left to right: Radaya, Koren, Todd, and Mike)
Photograph of research team in Fall 2023
Photograph of entire Fall 2023 project team (from left to right: Hannah, Mike, Koren, Radaya, Lillie, and Todd)