Project Findings

We are committed to sharing our findings, reports, and other information throughout the project, especially with community members! As we synthesize and write up findings, you will be able to find all that information here. We hope you’ll take a look at what community members have been generous enough to share and what we’re learning. If you’re a Black Wisconsinite, we hope you’ll consider joining us for upcoming conversations. You can find out more about those here.

2023 Community Conversation Reports

During 2023, we held 7 community conversations with Black Wisconsinites about how their experiences shape their interactions with science information. For your convenience, we’ve split what we learned into two reports. The first report covers covers Black Wisconsinites’ experiences with information and misinformation. The second report  and covers Black Wisconsinites’ broader understandings of science issues as well as their hopes and goals for participating in our community conversations. 


2023 Community Conversations Report Part 1: Misinformation 

2023 Community Conversations Report Part 2: Understandings of Science

If you have thoughts, especially if you have been engaging in conversations with us through meet and greets, community conversations, or share outs, we’d love to hear from you! Please check out upcoming events and conversations.