Project Status

Where We Are

We are currently reading, reflecting upon, and trying to summarize what we’ve learned so far about about Black Americans’ experiences with science-related information. The current research on science communication has not consistently included the voices and experiences of Black Americans so we are striving to understand what folks encounter and experience.

If you have experiences you’d like to share, you can keep an eye on our events, community conversations, and sign up for a future conversation here.

Where We Are Going


We are currently working to understand and summarize what we’ve been told. We’ll look for common points that came up and what community members told us they were most interested in and wanted to see prioritized. After that, we’ll be working with everyone to have conversations about what we learned and relaying what we found to relevant audiences. For instance, it may be important to ensure science communicators, healthcare providers, etc. hear this information.

After that, we’ll run some focus groups to delve more deeply into some of these topics. Keep an eye on our upcoming conversations  for when those will be. We hope to see some of you from our community conversations and to see some new faces!


Further down the line, we plan to assess all the information we received from these rounds of conversations (community conversations and focus groups) to assess next steps. Part of this will involve continue to have discussions with community about what we learned, what folks would like to see prioritized, and what else they would like to see. Right now, we also think these next steps might include creating or providing resources, , as well as using the findings to inform how these things are examined in research moving forward.


Ultimately, we hope to use…